The battle is not between good and evil but between hope and despair.

Part 1: Odds and Return On Investment

Welcome to part one of Trading 101, a series on the essential mathematics of successful trading. The goal of this series is to explain in the simplest possible terms the only math you really need to become a successful trader.

All the math you need for success in trading comes…

Writing makes space for thought and thoughtfulness, which is just time and a little consideration. Qualities that shorter form media tend not to allow for.

Write a letter to yourself or compose one for someone you know, even if you don’t deliver it. Write a letter to an idea, circumstances in your life, something totally made up.


Like most of my friends I have struggled with the appropriate response to Donald Trump’s election. Experiencing the same disgust, the same heart wrenching loss of faith, the dazed incomprehension and shame, in the end it is:


Friday night I intend to protest the election of Donald Trump in…

A tool works best when we no longer notice it, when it completely defers to the task at hand.

And yet our most important digital tools, like our mobile phones and laptops, require our attention. They require interaction, which means they get in the way of the task at hand…

Philip Dow

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